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Who would you rather wotk with?
The Callenge
According to Newsweek “Women in corporate America are rated as good if not better than men in a number of key leadership traits. The one area, however, where women fall short is “Executive Presence.”

There are two reasons for this. First, women often telegraph their emotions through their non-verbal behaviors and that can sabotage how they are perceived. Second, corporate culture dictates that women should be seen as both confident and likeable.

The Solution
Executive Presence for Women is an intensive one-day workshop that provides participants with an objective look at themselves (through videotaping) and identifies the specific non-verbal behaviors that will help them thrive in a corporate environment.

Participants will be given the opportunity to role-play high-pressure situations so that they learn how to show up positively and not appear meek or aggressive. Each class is limited to six women.

Here are some typical issues we will address:

• What do I need to do in order to project a positive image the moment I
walk into a room?
• What do I need to do in order to look and sound like I know exactly what
I’m talking about (even when I have some self-doubt)?
• How do I regain positive control when I’m interrupted?
• How come it always seems as though others get credit in a meeting when
all they did was simply repeat exactly what I had said?
• How do I respond when a senior person criticizes me in front of others?
• How do I sound credible over the phone?
• People tell me that I'm invisible in meetings. What so I need to do in
order to gain more visibility?
• How do I get heard in a roomful of loud, assertive people?

The Result
I have been teaching workshops for over 14 years. Here’s an email I recently received which reflects what so many women experience after the workshop. I have kept my client’s name and company anonymous:


I can’t begin to tell you how much I benefited from working with you a few weeks ago.

To refresh your memory—I was at the May 3 “Women’s Leadership Presence Coaching: Part 2” session, here at ________. You helped me develop skills for working with two very difficult Predators in my day-to-day work life.

Well, I had my Big Meeting with them the following week. It went BEAUTIFULLY. Not only did they not attack, but ever since, they’ve been reasonably cooperative and occasionally even congenial. The “most difficult one” even apologized to me last week when he missed a feedback deadline!

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re “best buddies,” but I feel like I’m beginning to be on equal footing with them. Best of all, my fear level is hugely diminished. It’s more like “acute wariness” these days! A far cry from my gut-wrenching terror.

Kevin, you’re a master at what you do. I’ve been at ________ for over 15 years, and I’ve taken a lot of hosted training classes. I don’t remember when I’ve gained so much from a single training session.

When I find myself ready for the next “growth step,” you can be sure I’m calling you! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Have a great summer, and I certainly hope our paths cross again!

Next Steps
Email me if you’d like to receive an article I wrote recently entitled:
Women and Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

Here are the first two:
1. Lowering their chair in a meeting. The good news is that this allows their feet touch the ground. The bad news is that they look less powerful.
2. Head tilt. This may be fine in a bar, but it comes off as too sweet and “girlish” in the boardroom.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Never give it.
Eleanor Roosevelt
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