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Breakthrough Thinking
Breakthrough Thinking
This program is hands-on and interactive. It teaches participants how to apply critical and creative thinking techniques to their business in order to find new and better ways to solve any business issue (lower costs, improve processes, fuel innovation, etc.). The results to date have been outstanding.

Participants, whether theyíre from Marketing, Sales, Operations or R&D, will learn breakthrough thinking techniques such as: forced analogy, problem reversal and assumption smashing. They will then have the opportunity to immediately apply these methods to their business.

Past successes include:
• Head of operations used Kevinís techniques and was awarded $500,000
from the State of Connecticut to implement a solution
• Sales Manager was able to finally get a product on shelf at Walgreens
after trying unsuccessfully for five years
• R&D team lead came up with a new product compound and applied for patent.
• Marketing executive used Kevinís approach for name generation.

Participants are asked to consider the following brainteaser before attending:

You have a 4 oz. glass, a 9 oz. glass, and a pitcher of water. Your goal is to come up with 6 oz. of water. How can you do this in the fewest amount of steps?

Answers to the Brainteasers in Kevin's book...

Home, Sweet Home...the catcher and the umpire.

Which Switch...turn two switches on for a couple of minutes and then turn one of those two switches off. When you go upstairs, you will see one light bulb on and two light bulbs off. TOUCH the two light bulbs that are off. One of them will be cool and one of them will be warm. Now you know which of the three switches belongs to which of the three bulbs.

Alphabet Scoop
  1. T...The letters that have straight edges are in alphabetical order.
  2. N...Each letter is the first letter in the numbers One through Nine.
  3. Q...take a look at your keyboard...

Jungle Fever...
  1. One and Two go over the bridge with the flashlight (2 minutes)
  2. One comes back with the flashlight (1 minute)
  3. Five and Ten go over with the flashlight (10 minutes)
  4. Two comes back with the flashlight (2 minutes)
  5. One and Two go over with the flashlight (2 minutes)
Total time = 17 minutes!
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