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Life's a Boomerang
Life's a Boomerang!
No matter how smart you are or how driven you are, the way you deal with others will greatly determine how happy and successful youíll be in life. This motivational program (training or keynote) has received rave reviews from managers, sales people, and customer service teams because itís enlightening, engaging and very practical. Believe it or not, the genesis for this workshop came from a conflict resolution class Kevin once taught to postal workers. Seriously.

Those who attend Life's a Boomerang! will:
• See how miscommunications and misunderstandings
constantly undermine relationships.
• Recognize that everyone has the power to set a positive tone
anytime, anyplace, anywhere, with anyone.
• Learn a simple and powerful technique for resolving
interpersonal issues.
• Discover firsthand how certain non-verbal behaviors can
tick people off in an instant.

Participants will leave this program knowing exactly what to do to immediately improve their professional and personal relationships. Lifeís a Boomerang! is ideal for teaching about listening, understanding others, and resolving conflict.
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