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Executve Presence
Executive Presence
This eye-opening and empowering program provides participants with an objective look at themselves and will identify specific behaviors that will help them look, act and sound like leaders (while still being true to who they are). Participants will learn how to “own the room” (in a good way), how to react under pressure, and what to do if put on the defensive. They will be taught non-verbal skills that will help them “bounce back positively” rather than become either submissive or aggressive.

Videotaping will be a key part of this class.

To recognize that we live in a world based greatly on perception.
To lessen the gap between how you think you are perceived and how you actually are perceived.
To provide you with specific one-on-one feedback (as well as practice time) that will immediately improve others’ perception of you.

Topics to be Explored
Making a positive impression in the first five seconds.
Competence & Likeability…the secret formula
Predator, Prey or Partner…how do others see you?
Identifying specific non-verbal behaviors (handshake, posture, eye contact, expressions) that will improve others’ perception of you
Practicing the key behaviors that will give you the biggest return
Mastering the elevator speech
Staying positive when you’re put on the defensive
How to gain control in a meeting
How to deliver bad news

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