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What's Your Hook
What's Your Hook
As businesspeople, your job is to influence and persuade. But if you donít know how to grab someoneís attention, or if you canít make your message stick, then itís an uphill battle. Kevin will share the creative secrets heís learned from 17 years in the advertising business and show you how to apply them to your meetings, presentations and sales calls. Every participant will walk away with a number of specific hooks that can immediately be put to use. (Don't forget to ask Kevin about the m&m story.)

To be able to state in one sentence what your main message is.
To learn how to use creative techniques such as personal stories, analogies, props, demos, surprising statistics (and a whole lot more) to help make your message more interesting, more impactful and more memorable.
To walk away with specific, memorable hooks.

Topics to be Explored
Personal stories: The secret to engage any audience
Props: Three-dimensional tools to help make your message stick
Surprising statistics: An unforgettable way to grab attention
Analogies: They help make the complex, simple
Demos: A superb way to clarify a highly technical process
Video Clips: Making the most out of multimedia
Themes: The thread that ties it all together

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