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Winning Presentations
Winning Presentations
This training will sharpen your persuasive powers and enable you to sell your ideas in a variety of communication settings (large audience, small group, on the phone, etc.).

It combines: lively discussions, team activities, videotaped practice, and targeted feedback. The overall purpose is to help participants fine-tune the planning, preparation, and delivery of any message so that they will be able to:
• Capture and hold audience attention at the executive level.
• Ensure quick, accurate grasp of ideas.
• Build buy-in for a viewpoint, recommendation or decision.
• Avoid TMI (too much information).

After successfully completing this training, participants will be able to:
• Apply a step-by-step strategic thinking process to any communication.
• Support their point of view with the most persuasive available evidence.
• Organize their message logically with "The Diamond" template.
• Use "story-telling" and other powerful communication techniques.
• Manage resistance effectively.
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